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Gold Standard in Customer Satisfaction

Every time you call you’ll hear a friendly and educated voice excited to connect you to the expertise you need. With RVTECH & Marine the customer care continues! From monitored emails during weekends and free tech support, Chuck is always available for you! RVTECH & Marine is just as passionate about your RV and boat as you are!

Industry's Top RV & Marine Experts

Leading the team is Chuck Williams, whose 30 years of extensive experience, knowledge, leadership, and technical training, have catalyzed RVTECH & Marine's remarkable company growth and success. Be sure to stop in a spend all the FREE time you wish with Chuck or a member of our expert staff. All of your questions will receive sound solutions. Guaranteed!

State of the Art Modern Facility

Stop in and enjoy RVTECH & Marine’s luxurious haven, featuring deluxe amenities including TVs, WIFI, delicious refreshments, FREE overnight stays, and much more! …Your Boat or RV shouldn’t be the only one getting upgraded and treated like royalty! With hygienic technicians and clean repair facility, RVTECH & Marine will treat your home like our own!

Your Authorized Service Center for RV & Marine Repair, Upgrades and Custom Upfitting

Frustrated with not receiving the personal attention and exceptional service you deserve?

Exhausted from shopping around, only to find more unqualified technicians?

With so many people aggravated with their RV and marine service, you are not alone. Whether it be poor service, no real knowledge of the industry, poor attitudes, no return calls, lack of follow up, RVTECH & Marine has changed all of that!

Coined by RV News as the “RV Service Champion”, We Took What’s Wrong With RV Service & Made it Right

RV Service…Re-Imagined. The moment you step foot into our gorgeous state-of the-art modern facility, you’ll see happy and knowledgeable professionals whose mission and joy is to fully exceed your expectations. Feel the peace of mind you’ll have knowing you can trust that every time you call you’ll hear a friendly and educated voice excited to connect you to the expertise you need. Wouldn’t it be amazing to take a breath of relief knowing you’ll be taken care of even after you pick up your RV?

Ready to hear the great news? Your tedious and disappointing searches are over! At RVTECH & Marine, you can finally stop selling yourself short with mediocre RV or marine service.  Big or small, we service them all! Come in and see what it is like to get platinum service and complete product knowledge all conveniently in one place.

Choose Your Service Center Like Your Life Depends On It

Because it does. RVTECH & Marine is the only RV and marine service facility in South West Florida to offer air conditioned service bays so when our technicians are servicing your coach or boat, there is virtually no fatigue. The result? Errorless and hassle-free service that gets you back up and running fast and safely. Eliminating the need to rush or take short cuts just to beat the heat, RVTECH & Marine service technicians remain clean, refreshed and laser-focused throughout the day so you and your RV or boat remain their #1 priority. And you can rest assured knowing only the cleanest and tidiest technicians are entering and moving your beautiful coach in and out of a bay. RVTECH & Marine treats your boat or RV as if it were our own.

Owner Chuck Williams says, “When people are fatigued from the heat and humidity, there is less focus on the project to be accomplished, and more focus on the individual trying to regain normal body conditions, of hydration and comfort.” Chuck affirms, “This is how mistakes and accidents happen. Here at RVTECH & Marine we pride ourselves in anticipating, preventing, and eliminating inefficient work conditions to keep our customers the happiest in the industry.”

Unrivaled Innovation, Safety and Excellence in Every Detail

So you’re probably wondering, “What’s in it for me?”

What this means to you is: RVTECH & Marine will deliver the highest standards of customer service…Guaranteed!

And What this really means to you is: When you call RVTECH & Marine you can expect nothing but sound solutions from the most knowledgeable people in the industry we don’t have employees… I have a select, hand-picked group of experts who produce results… Guaranteed! And the reason I say that is BECAUSE we have done this consistently for 30 years and for thousands of enthusiasts just like YOU!


RVTECH & Marine is also your trusted Authorized Service Center for the following brands:

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PRO RV Detailing Products

We also offer you expert detailing products to clean, seal and protect your investment for years to come.

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