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In-Line Surge Protector

Worried about a power surge ruining all your electronics and appliances?

Wouldnt it be amazing if there was protection against having to feel this way?

Everyone knows it only takes one temporary power surge to permanently ruin your electronics, appliances, and electrical systems and most of all, your day.

RV in line surge protector green

Worst yet? They are unpredictable! Factors such as weather, faulty wiring, the number of RV users in a campground, and even outdated wiring materials can trigger a power surge. Youre knowledgeable enough to know that losing your electronics and appliances can be truly catastrophic, costing you thousands of dollars! Want to be protected?

In-line surge protectors replace the worry with piece of mind. They monitor shore power continuously and shut off when it detects excessive voltage or open neutral conditions that could damage electronic equipment in your coach. Like its 50 amp hard-wired partner, the 30 amp hard-wire is permanently installed within the bay of your motor coach or trailer. This prevents potential theft as well as damage from the elements. Optional Remote LCD Display conveniently and remotely monitors RV electrical power.

RV Battery transfer switch surge guard

The second a power surge is coming (known as a feedback pulse), these surge protectors smart technology sensors instantly turn off. Are you beginning to see how easy this is?

This potentially damaging power surge is immediately neutralized. In-line surge protectors come in 30 and 50 amp options and are available as portable or hard-wired. Find your perfect solution with RVTECHs protection experts today!


PROS: Monitors shore power continuously, shuts off when detects excessive voltage or open neutral conditions, permanent installment, optional remote LCD display, available in 30 and 50 amp options, portable and hard-wired options available

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