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1. What FREE Services do you offer? Do I need to be a current customer to use them?

We have two amazing FREE services we love to offer everyone! That’s right, you don’t even need to be a customer! The first FREE service is our Lifelong Tech Support (phone or email), where owner Chuck Williams will help you find and, if possible to do remotely, fix your RV or boat issue, saving you the headache + worry.

The second FREE service is the RV Orientation: Personalized Q&A + Walkthrough of your RV, where owner Chuck Williams will teach you the ins and outs of your RV plus tips and tricks for getting the most out of your RV experience. No matter what your questions are, or even if you don’t even know what to ask, Chuck will walk you through your entire RV from top to bottom.  When finished 95% of your questions will already be answered, so put your thinking cap on and be ready!


2. Do you accept insurance and extended service contracts? Will you honor my warranty?

Yes, yes and yes! We accept all insurances and extended service contracts. We also specialize in Recall & Warranty WorkRVTECH will handle the problem from start to finish! RVTECH is your authorized service center for all major manufactures. Nobody knows recalls and warranty installation like RVTECH. How easy is the process? It’s as easy as

  1. Call America’s most courteous and knowledgeable RV experts-RVTECH
  2. RVTECH Recall & Warranty Specialists diagnose and order your part
  3. RVTECH receives replacement part and provides you with exceptional repair



3. For which manufacturer(s) are you an Approved Service Center?

We are proud to be an Approved Service Center for the following manufacturers:


4. How long, from the day I drop off will I have to wait until my RV gets worked on? How long will it take to be finished?

Once your unit is dropped off, we will have an estimate to you within 3 business days. Once you approve the estimate, our expert technicians can begin your service in one of our fully-equipped, air-conditioned bays. RVs that are waiting to be serviced are fully locked at our secure facility, which is protected with state-of-the-art security systems. 

Please Note: Extended warranty and insurance services can take longer because your warranty and/or insurance company will also need to approve the estimate before work can begin. RVTECH & Marine has excellent relationships with your warranty + insurance providers and you benefit because we will quickly & diligently advocate for the earliest approval date.


5. What is the communication process throughout the duration of my repair?

We take pride in our excellent customer communication process. We know how important your RV or motorhome is to you; and it’s just as important to us. We keep you informed throughout the diagnostic and repair process. At pickup, we are here & happy to answer any questions you have. You’ll drive away feeling glad you chose us as your RV Center, informed, and confident to embark on your next adventure.

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