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Wiper Blade Replacement

There’s nothing worse than a streaky windshield robbing you of a safe and enjoyable driving experience. Windshield wipers withstand the wear and tear of nature’s elements every day. Be sure your wipers are in tip-top shape so you can be safe, not sorry. Take the below checklist with you to your RV and answer the below as you are checking out your wiper blades. If you say “yes” to any of the below, your safe visibility during rainy conditions is spiraling downward quickly, and it’s time to replace these ASAP. 


5 Sure-Fire Signs You Need New RV Wiper Blades Right Now


Rubber Issues

  • Is the rubber all one smooth piece or is it cracked, split, or broken off in places? Any imperfections = it’s time for new wiper blades.
  • Does the blade look “rounded”? If so, it’s a sign of detrimental aging and needs to be replaced immediately. 



Windshield Streaks or Film

  • Are you noticing a consistent film or grime on your windshield, even after cleaning it? If wiping off the blades with a paper towel doesn’t do the trick, it’s definitely time to replace the wiper blades.



That Obnoxious Sound

  • Are your wiper blades making this noise: “HRRRRRRRRRRRR….HRRRRRRRRRRRR” every time they make their way across your windshield? Everybody hates that noise and I know you do too. If your wiper blades are making this noise, they aren’t making consistent contact with the glass. The result? Dirty windshield? The problem? Vision issues that can cause an accident. The solution? Replace them. 



Bent Frames

  • Is the metal part of your wipers looking crooked these days?  If the frame or the blade is bent, it won’t come into contact with your windshield properly, and even if the blades seem to function fine now, misfunctioning wiper blades are just around the corner. Make replacement a priority now, or they won’t make YOUR SAFETY a priority during a downpour. 


Season Changes

  • Are you traveling to a cold climate? If so, are your windshield wipers specially designed for COLD weather? If not, get new wipers that are specially designed for winter, even if your blades are functioning fine, now. Ice, snow and blistering cold temperatures WILL wreak havoc on typical wiper blades. 



Your windshield wipers are the cheapest and easiest part of your RV to maintain and at the same time the most pivotal for safe driving in precipitative conditions. They can either help or hurt your safe driving. Make the right choice today!

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