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Compartment Door Seal & Reseal

Compartment door seals become easily damaged when moving heavy items in and out of your storage compartment. The result? Your storage compartment latches might not close properly and even worse, they may no longer be waterproof.  OH NO! Instead of being a safe haven for your cared-for items, your storage compartment becomes a breeding zone for mold, mildew and water leaks. And instead of being a convenient, easy to open and close compartment, it becomes another aggravation that slows you down as you are trying to swiftly get on your way. 


The solution? Bring your RV to RVTECH & Marine so we can replace + reseal your weathered & brittle compartment door seals and get you back to a life of convenience and peace of mind. WANT TO TAKE IT TO THE MAX? Upgrade to a “Complete Factory Reseal” where we meticulously scrape down and thoroughly reseal your windows, compartment doors, refrigerator vents, outside shower and more to provide you with 360° protection against hazardous water leakages.


PS: We offer windshield and window reseals too!

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