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Slideout Storage Trays

Tired of needing to remove and reshuffle your items just to access your cargo?

Sick of living in clutter?


Wouldnt it be amazing to access your items quickly and easily? Wouldnt it be even more amazing if it was organized and spacious too? Slideout trays are revolutionizing the convenience of storing what you want, how you want it. Introducing a wide array of tray options that are specially designed to make RVing incredibly easy and enjoyable. Storage capabilities include cargo, batteries, LP tanks, generators, and freezers. Can it get any better than this?



With up to 800 lbs of storage capabilities, the sky is the limit! Remember feeling the conflict of wanting to bring extra items just in case but not wanting to sacrifice convenience and space? Sacrifice is a thing of the past. With two-way entry and full assembly, slideout trays are a no-brainer! Hard to reach is no longer a part of your vocabulary! Are you beginning to see how much you will gain by losing inefficient habits?

Can you imagine how much additional time is spent towards removing and reshuffling your items just to access your RV cargo?? Are you really willing to deduct more precious time from your daily enjoyment?


Come to RVTECH and find what you have been missing. Youll never go back! So, are you ready to gain hours of enjoyment in just minutes? Call today!


PROS: Greater convenience, increased accessibility, time saver, 60% extension, single-sided or dual-sided slides, multi-size tray dimensions, no measuring or cutting to fit floor, RVTECH does it all!

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