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Truma On-Demand Water Heaters

How to have endless hot water supply

Tired of shivering from your hot water running out in the shower?

Wish you didn’t have to shower like speedy Gonzalez just to avoid the ice-cold water pouring from your shower head?

Then ditch the tank and get a Truma on-demand water heater!


Introducing Truma on-demand water heaters, providing RVers like you with a continuous, residential hot water experience. You may be wondering, another hot water heater? Rest assured that on-demand water heaters are not a fad; they are the only way to have endless hot water. Imagine the possibilities if you no longer had to sacrifice because of your water heaters limitations…ringing a bell? A Truma on-demand water heater has zero recovery time so you can use your water whenever you want, for however long you want it. Even more, on-demand heaters are specially designed to replace 6, 10, 12 or 16-gallon tank models as well as 6 or 10-gallon aluminum tank models.

Feel at home with the reliability of built-in freeze protection and the safety of 3 try direct spark ignition. It also uses up 60% less LP gas than storage tank models, saving you premium dollars because it only uses power when hot water is needed. Storage water heaters lose heat just sitting there (even when insulated)! Wow, all this time you’ve been paying for a water heater, even when it’s not even producing hot water (which is more often than when it;s actually used)!

Why make the switch? The decision is simple (and so is the installation!). Just look at the benefits and you’ll see it’s a no brainer! Plus we are an approved Truma On Demand Water Heater Installation Center!

  • Instant/Endless Hot Water  An unlimited supply of hot water when you need it
  • No Recovery Time  There is no tank to run out of hot water so you can shower all day if you want
  • Energy Efficient  Uses 60% less LP Gas than Storage Tank Model Water Heaters
  • Induced Draft  Improves combustion, and efficiency. Not affected by high altitudes
  • Temperature Adjustment Dial  Adjust the flame/BTUs from 18,000 BTUs to 36,000 BTUs (Dial located inside the RV)
  • Allows for adjusting the temperature rise from approximately 20  70 degrees
  • Lightweight  Over 65% lighter (50  90 lbs. less) than conventional tank model water heaters
  • State of the Art Electronic Ignition  No pilot lights or manual burners to keep lighting or adjusting. (12v power source required)
  • Does not operate on 110v power
  • Compact
  • No Anode Needed  No tank means you never have to worry about corrosion eating away at the tank
  • No By-Pass Valve Needed  No storage tank to by-pass when winterizing the unit
  • CSA Approved
    • Higher Combustion Efficiency than atmospheric heaters
    • Heat Transfer Efficiencies in excess of 90%
    • Higher Wind Resistance Performance
    • No Adjustments necessary at High Altitudes
    • High Burner Power in a small footprint
    • Quieter Performance

How it works:

    1. A hot water tap is turned on;
    2. Cold water enters the heater;
    3. A water flow sensor detects that water is flowing;
    4. The microprocessor based circuit board automatically ignites the burner;
    5. Water Circulates through the Heat Exchanger;
    6. The water is heated to the set temperature;
    7. When the tap is turned off, the unit shuts down;

These on-demand water heaters are certainly in demand so grab yours today! RVTECH heating experts will personally match you with the best on-demand heater specifications to meet your needs and exceed all of your expectations! Call now!

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