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Fiberglass, EPDM, and TPO Roofs

Are you in need of Fiberglass or Rubber Roof Repairs?

RVTECH has over 30 years of proven success with RV Roofing repairs and replacement!


If you’re in need of roof repair due to deterioration or a collision or your rooftop simply needs maintenance, “you’re in the right place”! Stop in for a FREE inspection!

Can’t get on the roof to see? RVTECH has you covered again! All inspections are photographed or videotaped (your choice), so you get access to what the Roof Experts at RVTECH see! You won’t believe your eyes!

Did you know that ignoring or delaying yearly care can cost you a lot of money AND ruin your trade in/resale value? Here’s why: Neglected roof care results in damages to the wood structure under the roof materials. Further, the first question any potential buyer will ask is Does The Roof Leak? Any signs of water damage and the price begins to fall drastically!

The RVTECH system is 100% Guaranteed. We even utilize the one and only Sealtech for 100% certainty. This comprehensive system includes the following: Fiberglass cracks seamlessly removed for a fool-proof finish; Rubber roofs are much different because all roof components must be removed so any damaged wood will be replaced in most cases. RVTECH installs fresh insulation and a new one-piece rubber membrane, complete with all new vents, new A/C gaskets, for a top-notch fit and finish!


Let’s learn a little about the types of Roofing:

12EPDM Rubber Roofing makes recreational vehicles quieter by eliminating roof rumble and noise from wind, rain and hail. It assures a watertight roof that is maintenance free and saves energy through its heat reflecting characteristics.

EPDM sheeting is the only rubber roofing membrane that is extruded. This process enables the production of a consistent single-ply membrane with a white surface and a black back. The cohesion of compounds results in a single-ply EPDM sheeting that is highly puncture resistant, has superior tensile strength and tear resistance, and is both reflective and refractive to UV rays.

What is TPO?

14The TPO membrane was first introduced to the roofing market in the early 1990′s as a more economical and efficient alternative that was thought to replace PVC roofing products which adhere to a wider variety of surfaces with economical solvent-based adhesives. TPO is a single-ply roofing system that consists of a blend of rubber and plastic membrane. The membrane is 30 Mils thick. Common fillers used in TPO manufacturing include but are not limited to fiberglass and carbon fiber.

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