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Here at RVTECH & Marine, we know the unexpected hits at the most inconvenient times-amidst a road trip with no near service center in sight…while your partner is asleep so no one to talk you through this-your panicking “what do I do now?” thoughts are met with the sound of crickets…

So who DO you call when the whirlwind of the unknown sweeps through your vacation…where DO you turn when questions are piling up and no answers…how DO you move forward when you’re not even sure if the next step is the right one? 

Who, where and how all point to RVTECH & Marine’s FREE “Ask the Expert, Talk to Chuck” tech support service. 

Think of it as a lifeline to 30+ years of expertise that you can access by simply picking up the phone or sending an email. And you have access to it for LIFE! 

How it Works

Hearing a friendly, reassuring voice that everything will be okay and removing the cobwebs of uncertainty through step-by-step troubleshooting + instruction…Personalized, confidential one-on-one RV support is just a click or call away. 

Learn About Solutions Personalized to Your RV

Option 1: Email Support

Availability: M-F, Weekends

  1. Email
  2. Include as much information as possible about your RV + area of concern in 1st email
    • Name
    • Year
    • Make
    • Model
    • Location/part of concern
    • Description of issue so Chuck can begin troubleshooting in his response message
  3. Chuck will guide you step-by-step to either resolve your tech issue over email, if possible, and if not, the next steps you need, saving you HOURS of trial and error.





Option 2: Phone Support

Availability: M-F 8am-4pm RVTECH business hours

  1. Call (239) 768-2410
  2. Ask for Chuck Williams
  3. Chuck will begin troubleshooting with you over the phone and guide you step-by-step to either resolve your tech issue over the phone, if possible, and if not, the next steps you need, saving you HOURS of trial and error.






Option 3: In Person

Availability: M-F 8am-4pm RVTECH business hours

  1. Call (239) 768-2410 
  2. Ask for Chuck Williams
  3. Schedule a time to come by and sit with Chuck to receive solutions for all your questions.

Frequently Answered Questions

Many short-circuit the happiness they can have with the RV Lifestyle out of fear of the unknown. Fortunately, with RVTECH & Marine’s FREE “Ask the Expert, Talk to Chuck” tech support, RVers can buy + embark on the RV adventure they crave, with confidence and certainty. How? First, customers can buy their first RV at RVTECH & Marine. Or, if they already purchased from a dealer, they can come to RVTECH & Marine for a FREE 1:1 RV Orientation + Walkthrough with Owner Chuck Williams. Here, they will walk with Chuck throughout the RV interior + exterior, ask questions (some even video it!) and get expert answers right out of the gate. That’s right, Chuck will teach you every morsel of it. The RVTECH & Marine motto is “Anticipate, Know & Be Prepared”. From there, customers feel confident + empowered to venture to new exciting adventures, knowing they can rely on + trust RVTECH & Marine for all of their RV needs, even when they are THOUSANDS OF MILES away.

A recent RVer contacted us to thank us over and over. Why? It was her turn to drive and all of a sudden BAM something stopped working. She was unsure what to do because her husband was sleeping. She knew, though, if she just had the guidance, she could meet this external uncertainty from a place of knowledge, troubleshooting and resolve. She made the best choice by using the “Ask The Expert, Talk to Chuck” FREE tech support service. Chuck walked her through the troubleshooting process, and it turned out being something that was resolvable over the phone. The husband and kids were able to remain undisturbed in their sleep, she was able to confidently resolve the tech issue and get back on the road fast, without sacrificing HOURS of their drive.

If all the knowledge available at RVTECH & Marine was unraveled, it would circle the earth 10x. Thankfully, there are multiple streams of knowledge available to customers. Not only is RVTECH & Marine here for its customers the first day they turn the key to their RV, to their FREE RV orientation, to the day they need tech support, RVTECH & Marine also offers the behind-the-scenes opportunity to join the techs for the day + be part of their RV’s service or repair.  This exclusive (and FREE!) experience allows them to roll up their sleeves and see what the experts see, know what the experts know, and gain invaluable hands-on experience. And it’s fun too! 

There’s no doubt a sense of comradery and community online. But is the advice 100% sound and customized to your unique RV situation? 

What would happen if the advice applied ended up causing a BIGGER problem down the road? 

The truth is, FB and forums are popular because of the need they fill: On the spot advice. But what customers really want is ACCURATE on the spot advice. That’s where RVTECH & Marine comes in. With the FREE “Ask the Expert, Talk to Chuck” phone or email tech support, customers can bypass the long line of inaccurate, misleading advice + avoid the risk of well-intended but incorrect how-to’s wreaking havoc on their RV system because the symptom was treated, not the source. RVTECH & Marine, through 30+ years of expertise, gets to the SOURCE. QUICKLY. All while providing customers courtesy, understanding and kindness. Now that’s well-intended AND effective. 

  • If there’s something you need to know, think RVTECH on the go! Drop an email, pick up the phone, or stop on in! You’ll get ample FREE 1:1 time with Chuck! Getting help has never been easier. If it’s something that can be troubleshooted + fixed over the phone or via email in the comfort of your RV, Chuck will do that for you!


Be sure to save the

  1. “Ask the Expert, Talk to Chuck” (239) 768-2410 phone number in your phone
  2. email to your email source (i.e., gmail, outlook, hotmail, comcast) Contact List. 
  3. [Optional] Conveniently add this page to your phone’s home screen as an icon like the rest of your apps! 
  • iPhone (Safari browser): Open this page on your iPhone and, at the bottom, click the icon (see left) & choose “Add to homescreen” and voila! 



  • Android (Google Chrome browser): Open this page in your Android Phone + click the 3 vertical ellipses (see left) to open a menu. Click “Add to homescreen” and voila!



  • Android (Samsung Internet App): Open this page in your Android Phone + click on the menu icon (see left) to open a menu. Click “Add page to” -> “homescreen” and voila! 





You’ll be so glad you did!

If you have questions, we have answers. We also have pre-trip inspections, too. We infuse all of our knowledge + expertise into one powerful inspection so you can gain peace of mind + certainty KNOWING your RV is SAFE, FUNCTIONING and VACATION-READY. Our 30+ years of expertise is combined with our comprehensive safety checkpoints! Get your inspection today and SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS later by safeguarding your RV + family from preventable repairs! RV $$$$ repairs are like the moon; just because you don’t check it doesn’t mean it’s not there. We will shake everything down, and if there’s anything lurking, you’ll know it. If everything’s working great, you’ll get a list of things to keep an eye on, or a clean bill of health! All of which serve you!

That’s why RVTECH & Marine is your single-access point for all things RV!

You wouldn’t use a fish net to catch sand, would you? Of course not! Why? Because it’s the wrong approach. It would seep right through and nothing would hold. It would waste hours without results that stick.

A fish net is a great tool…for catching fish. Not sand. Be sure to not use just any approach because it’s there. 

Same with advice. Just because someone gives you advice and it’s better than nothing…don’t fall into the trap. You could end up with generic advice that provides some relief but never cures the core issue. When this happens, you’ll be stuck with the same ol’ problem AND A MESS. RVs are very complex machines and everyone knows the quote “you don’t know what you don’t know, until you do and it will probably be too late.” 

You don’t have to be an example of this. Be the exception by calling the experts. Listen to the advice of others and run it by RVTECH & Marine experts FIRST. We know you love your RV. We know you know a lot. Bring what you know to us and we will fill in the gaps so you know EVERYTHING. Certainty is always a click or call away!

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