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Rooftop AC

Frustrated with rooftop air conditioners under-powered, just not enough BTUs basically too small for your RV?

Embarrassed it may fail you on extra hot and humid days?

Sounds like you need a back-up plan! Look no further!

Additional Rooftop A/C units are the perfect way to have an additional backup unit to keep cool on those extra hot days during peak sun and humidity!

B57915aThese powerful and ultra-quiet units can withstand even 125 degrees effortlessly! Enjoy sleek design, dependability, fuel efficiency, and piece of mind with our wide selection of rooftop air units. From all the top manufacturers like, Dometic, Coleman, and Attwood, RVTECH can supply and install as well as handle all additional wiring, to a top notch fit and finish!

Remember RVTECH is your authorized service and warranty center, and have remained on top for over 30 years. The secret to RVTECHs installations is efficiency, keeping the cold air and the return air completely separated. This will ensure maximum performance. 90% of the time we find a poorly installed unit, generally this is done on an assembly line.

RVTECH technicians are efficiency experts, whose goal is to make your system run at peak performance the way it was intended. A poorly installed unit will cause the compressor to cycle too often, causing cold air to leak into the return section. This, in turn, causes freeze-ups, then its all over. The cold control shuts the system down until it thaws out. In most cases youre A/C is not broke, but rather the result of an installation error.

Dometic AC Rooftop Unit BlackDoes your RV have 30 amp service? No problem! RVTECH can add an automatic switching system to pulse air conditioners back and forth or a manual switch that lets you choose which one to run. WAIT! Theres more! Upgrade today to 50 amp premium service to run both A/C units simultaneously.


PROS: dependable performance, fuel-efficient, stay cool in the hottest weather GUARANTEED, ultra-quiet, sleek design! And expert installation!

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