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Fantastic Fans

Want fresh air without needing to run the A/C constantly?


Bring your favorite gorgeous weather indoors and enjoy your day on your terms with Fan-Tastic Fans. Revolutionizing the way you recirculate fresh air, Fan-tastic Fans offer the gift of massive air movement and the ability to remove odors! Forget those small fans that are just noisy and enjoy relaxation, options, and accessories at your fingertips!

Fantastic Fan

These high-performance forward and reverse units allow you to instantly enjoy your desired air flow with the luxury of 3 customizable settings! Ultra-quiet, they allow you to create your perfect haven at any moment without the nuisances of unwanted noise. Can you see the endless possibilities?

Fan-Tastic Fans fit a standard 14 x 14 opening. Available features include power lift dome, quiet and economical operation, reversible air flow, rain sensors that auto-close dome when wet, and a high profile base. Fan-Tastic colors include smoke (most popular) to filter UV rays and allow some light, white or black to block sunlight, and clear to allow full sunlight.

Say goodbye to the things that stand in your way of enjoyment. Germs, odors (even smoke!) and hot, stuffy air are eliminated in seconds! Fan-Tastic Fans can move nearly 1,000 cubic feet of air every single minute! Installation and operation is an absolute breeze! Are you beginning to see how easy it is?


Convenient upgrades are available and include thermostat, remote control, and more! The best part? If any additional parts are needed, the manufacture will supply them for FREE! It literally takes just one hour to install and the immediate results truly are fantastic!

Want to kick it up another notch? Add a Maxx air cover so you can run the fan when its raining. Save money by not choosing the rain sensor model and leave your vents open when the unit is in storage. RVTECH will guide you to the proper choice fan and options to fit all your needs!


PROS: Fresh air instantly, immediate elimination of germs-odors-smoke, effective every time, convenient upgrades, reverse and forward air flow, FREE parts, 3 customizable settings!

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