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Oasis Heating System

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An Introduction to Oasis Hydronic Heating Systems

To supplement burner output, every OASIS heater has 120VAC electric elements that provide an additional 5,000 to 10,000 BTU to each system, depending on configuration.

OASIS heaters lead the industry in continuous, on-demand potable hot water performance, with the new OASIS NE-S able to provide 120°F water at 3 GPM flow-rate while allowing no interruption to space heating demands – enough for two showers to operate simultaneously without affecting space heating.

OASIS heating systems are available with dual or single loop space heating for up to five different heating zones, allowing for various heating configurations, including in-floor heating, passive radiator heating, or convective air vent heating.

OASIS systems can also make use of engine waste heat to provide hot water and space heating without using the diesel burner, thereby increasing system efficiency.

An engine pre-heat option is available in OASIS models. And all OASIS systems can be controlled with ITR’s innovative ITRTouch™ remote control panel, making the control, operation and diagnosis of the OASIS system simple and intuitive.

OASIS heaters are CSA/UL certified, and rated at a True Output BTU. It is important to know when choosing a hydronic heating system that not all BTU claims reflect the actual output of the burner. Simply adding the output capacity of heating fans to a burner’s BTU output is misleading. The BTU output generated by any hydronic system is limited to the True Output of the burner.

Why Oasis Hydronic Heating? 

There are five OASIS heating systems:

  1. The OASIS NE-S is one of the latest generation all-in-one system in the OASIS line and offers 85,000 True Output™ BTU and 50,000 True Output BTU respectively.

2. OASIS NE is the other latest generation all-in-one system in the OASIS line and offers 85,000 True Output™ BTU and 50,000 True Output BTU respectively.

3. The OASIS CH50/DM12 system is a two-piece modular system that provides flexible installation options and 50,000 True Output BTU.


4. The OASIS COMBI is an all-in-one option that offers 42,000 True Output BTU.

5. The OASIS ZEPHYR provides 33,000 True Output BTU from one of the smallest installation footprints in the industry.


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