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Pre-trip Inspection

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Going on a trip? Does everything work? 

image003Most RVers remember to pack their toothbrush, food, clothes, and deodorant. But the most important item on their checklist is missing. Did you know that a pre-trip inspection can save you a slew of hours and tragic disappointment? Thats right! Everyone knows 90% of enjoyment success is preparation. Going on a trip? Be sure your RV is equipped!

Why haphazardly throw your vacation in jeopardy and risk the trouble of inconvenience and shelling out unplanned dollars. Wouldn’t you rather build your vacation on a solid foundation of safety and confidence? Of course you would! You’re intelligent enough to know fun and worry cant co-exist. Secure your fun with RVTECH today.


The Certainty You Seek is a Just a Phone Call Away

image005Without a pre-trip inspection, you could be greeted by the sight and smell of rotten food in your refrigerator from it refusing to get cold, or waking up in the middle of the night with your clothes sticking to you because the air conditioner decided to blow warm air. How about stepping in a puddle of rain water in your kitchen because of a roof leak? Even better, being denied TV use because your generator wont start or does not produce 110 volt output. Or about kicking off your family BBQ with a huge explosive sound from your water heater lighting on propane? What a way to start your vacation? Nice, right?! You’re probably thinking, “but it worked last month”. Yeah well, it happens! Don’t believe it? Just ask our customers whose entire trip got high-jacked and wish that had their pre-trip inspection before it was too late.


Safe or Sorry? You Decide.

image007RVTECH will guard you against any dangers that may be creeping up under the surface. We say this because, at RVTECH, we have been saving RVers like you from vacation-ruining hidden damages for over 30 years. RVTECH will shake your unit down, and let you know what’s working and what’s not. Sick and tired of other technicians finding things wrong just to steal away your dollars? Or telling you everything is ok, taking your money when they have no idea what they’re looking for. We are tired of it too!

At RVTECH we are in the business of making you safe and happy, not broke. What this means for you is that you will never be scammed into getting an unnecessary repair; instead you will be presented with accurate and honest diagnostics matched with the best options and solutions for your RV. Check out this comprehensive list of pre-trip inspection checkpoints.

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