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Electric Cord Reels

Electric Cord ReelAggravated with wasted time and energy spent on untangling cords?

Rather spend that time settling in and enjoying your campsite?


Woo hoo! You just arrived. Its late at night. Everyone is sound asleep except for you. Youre exhausted from all the driving and all you want to do is settle in, grab a bite to eat, and have a date with the back of your eyelids. BUT! WAIT! You cant go to sleep yet, theres untangling to do! Have you ever considered how much time you waste on dealing with problems vs. enjoying your vacation?

CRR50-12-2TIntroducing rugged steel construction fused with a high quality powder coat finish, electric cord reels give you back time and convenience in your day! This extraordinary product can be mounted for left or right hand operation. Now you dont have to be ambidextrous to have the upper hand! The electric cord wheel is the safest, quickest, and most convenient way to store your cord. But most of all its Reel easy!

Thanks to its intuitive and sleek design, now you can enjoy your ENTIRE weekend with electric cord reels. Store up to 34 ft. of 50 amp cord with less cramp and more camp now. Call today!



PROS: Rugged steel construction, high quality powder coat finish, time saver, ultra-convenient, left and right hand mounts for individualized comfort, sleek design

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