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Battery Transfer Switch

Transfer switch dont have one?


RVTECH can supply and install a 30 amp or 50 amp system so you dont have to manually plug and unplug it every time you want to change power sources. Who wants to run out in the rain, just to do a simple task that should be automatic, right?


Dont you agree this could simplify your life? Picture this: youre driving down the road, you decide to run the roof-top air conditioners, you start the generator and guess what? No Power! Now you have to pull over, open the compartment and plug your power supply into the generator receptacle Seriously? You should be able to do this on a fly while driving. Are you ready to make your life that much easier?

Rv Battery transfer switch surge guard gray


The thousands of happy RVTECH customers will agree that the convenience of battery transfer switches is worth gold! Still want to kick it up a notch? Add a surge guard transfer switch, with built in Power surge protection Now thats the power of choice!


PROS: Ditch the hassle of plug and play and enjoy automatic power supply

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