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Why Choose RVTECH

Over the years I have seen so many disappointed people, either with their RV or boat, their dealer or the service. It seems as though every dealership breeds chaos but we’ve changed all of that. It’s so exciting to see the looks on our customer’s faces when they experience enthusiasm, knowledge and confidence that they have chosen the right service center.

By working with RVTECH & Marine, the keyword is anticipate. Rather than plan your vacation, you can actually shape it.


Cell-Phone Free Work Zone Optimizes Safety

Here at RVTECH & Marine there is no use of mobile devices during work time, our “Cell-Phone Free Work Zone” is very strict due to the safety of our customers and their families. We work with propane, electricity and other means that, if distracted, a life-changing step could be missed.

We are not in the business of taking risks, we are in the business of creating safety. That’s why we give our technicians and staff ample break time so when they are on the clock, they are on their A+ game.

When your RV is being moved there are 3 to 4 technicians around all 4 corners with walkie talkies communicating and watching so no damages occur. This is just one sliver of the safety actions we take daily.

Which is why you can have the greatest peace of mind knowing that your RV and your family’s safety is truly in the best hands.

“My outcome is to be the best I can be for you, there’s no such thing as perfection; here at RVTECH & Marine, we strive to be Outstanding.”


Pillars of Excellence You Get Every Time



Many RV dealerships and companies are so large and inundated with customers that you leave feeling undervalued, underserved and bitter. We have changed all of that. Every time you call us, you hear a friendly voice that is excited, knowledgeable and courteous. As our customers’ needs evolve, so do our services – to fill in every corner of their RV needs. That’s why we have the Customer Corner – where you can connect with FREE Lifelong Tech Support and even reserve a FREE RV Orientation + Personal Walkthrough of Your RV.


                                           CUTTING EDGE

Our customers expect the best…and they get it. Every single time. At RVTECH & Marine we eat, sleep and breathe the lifestyle. We keep up on the latest trends, products and service needs. Like it custom? We do too! That’s why we have launched The Custom Shop, featuring an elite list of services for customers who have a fresh vision exceeding the norm. Our Custom Shop will expertly upfit your unit so it fits your needs like a glove!


                                           SINGLE-ACCESS POINT

Everything you need is in our state-of-the-art facility. From the first turn of the key into your dream RV through our RV Consignments, to your Expert RV Inspection if you buy from another dealer, and to your Free RV Orientation + Personal Walkthrough of Your RV once you buy (from us or another dealer). We keep the support rolling from RV Maintenance and expert RV Detailing Products to keep it running in tip-top shape, to Lifelong Tech Support and Expert Repair Services when it doesn’t. We’re even here for you if an accident were to occur as an RV Collision Center. The support continues to a boutique of RV Upgrades and RV Upfitting as your RV needs grow and evolve, to help you enjoy your RV lifestyle to the fullest.


                                            LIFELONG SUPPORT

Our customers are treated like family. That’s why we are always here for you, even outside of work hours.  Email or call to tap into our vast oasis of RV & Marine technical expertise for sound solutions, always at your fingertips! Owner Chuck Williams will walk you through step-by-step, troubleshooting the issue and if it’s something that can be fixed over the phone/email, we’ll save you a service visit! Learn more here.


                                            30+ YEARS EXPERTISE

Our seasoned technicians have been specially trained to know the intricacies of these complex machines, even in the most challenging situations. Owner Chuck Williams personally rolls up his sleeves and joins the team working on your RV to ensure each and every service receives the RVTECH & Marine stamped approval. Have a one-of-a-kind situation that other service centers couldn’t fix? Bring it here and owner Chuck Williams will laser focus his 30+ years of servicing RVs into your unique solution.

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[IN THE SPOTLIGHT WITH THE FRVTA]: "Chuck Williams Leads RVTECH With a Code of Conduct and Expectations of Excellence."

Written by: Paul J. Watkins, FRVTA

Chuck Williams, owner of RVTECH RV & Marine Service Center in Fort Myers, got his start in the RV industry in New Jersey while still a twenty-something. “I started going to school for training, and I passed with top honors in my classes,” he recalls. “I worked for a dealership and then eventually branched out on my own and started RVTECH. It began as a service center and then moved into being an RV dealer and doing consignment sales, and I was very big in motorhome rentals. I used to speak at the RV Rental Association at the Tropicana in Vegas, teaching rental training.”


In his twenties, Chuck also developed products to clean RVs because, he says, it just didn’t seem like most of the available products worked, and the ones that did work were destructive. He now has about twelve products, which are sold under the RVTECH name. “We continue to market to dealers and online dealers,” he says, “and they have the ability to make a full forty percent markup, so it’s great.”


Seventeen years ago, Chuck moved himself and his business to Fort Myers, drawn by the seasonal change and the Florida lifestyle. Today, RVTECH is thirty-five years old, sells pre-owned RVs and boats, and offers about seventy related services. Perhaps the best service, though, is Chuck himself. He distinguishes his business by allowing his customers – and the general public – access to his forty years of RV industry knowledge and experience.


“We offer the unfair advantage, and it’s basically ‘Ask the Expert, Talk to Chuck,’ whether they come in here, call me on the phone, or email me,” he relates. “There’s free tech support for everyone; you don’t even need to be a customer. Ask the Expert, Talk to Chuck allows me to really connect with people and teach them in their own RVs.” This hands-on approach to education is right in line with Chuck’s goal of being results oriented rather than task oriented. “I’ve got six employees, and none of my guys were hired to do a job; they were hired to produce a result, and that result is raving fans,” he explains. “If you go to the gym, you go there for a result. If you go to a comedy club, you go there for a result. How is an RV business any different? That’s our philosophy, and we deliver results in every aspect of our sales and service.”


That dedication to achieving results is apparent in how Chuck sets up his staff for success. All of RVTECH’s service bays are air-conditioned, ensuring his service techs work in a cool, clean, controlled environment that helps them deliver the highest-quality results. Another way Chuck promotes excellent results, as well as employee safety, is to make RVTECH a cellphone-free work zone. “No one walks around with a cellphone in their hand,” states Chuck. “Everyone knows: If I see that phone, you’re on your way home. Don’t get me wrong. If you have children, you better have that phone with you. If you’re waiting for a call, you better have that phone on. But people playing with their phones while they work? Absolutely not. It compromises safety, and you can’t be distracted when you’re dealing with propane, electricity, and water. Also, I don’t believe you can properly do the job I’m paying you for and produce the results we want here if you’re checking your phone every five minutes.


“I’m not going to work in the heat and neither should my guys. I’m not going to walk around with a phone in my hand all day and neither should my guys. I do believe that this code of conduct – these ethics – are truly what I stand for.” Chuck believes a poor code of conduct results from a lack of high standards, which he says is seen at many dealerships. A customer walks in, he describes, and an employee looks at the customer and then turns away. Chuck says the employee needs to smile, acknowledge the customer, and ask if the person has been helped. He adds that this code of conduct needs to be instilled in each person by a manager who has a vision and the ability to lead employees to a higher standard of customer care. 


He has been a member of the FRVTA for about fifteen years, many of those years as a mainstay vendor at the Fort Myers RV Show. He says there have been a lot of great people that he’s met along the way, particularly on the advertising side. “Jack Carver is always available to talk with me; he stops by and has conversations about the business,” relates Chuck. “The people that work at the FRVTA have always been excellent, and the shows and the people have really helped me.” 


Chuck has two important messages for his fellow FRVTA members. “One, I would like to get my product lines in your store so you don’t have to be compared with box stores. You’ll have a full forty percent markup and free delivery on orders $500+. It’s a win-win all the way around because you’re selling products to make money, not to be compared to the guy on Amazon who’s selling
an item for two bucks and you can only sell it for four. “Two, I’d like you to adopt the cellphone-free work zone. It optimizes safety and efficiency, and that’s a big deal.” 


Ultimately, all of Chuck’s standards and beliefs are intended to help customers get the most from their RVs. The best reasons to live the RV lifestyle, says Chuck, are freedom and the ability to rediscover what is simple and timeless. “RVing is a way to magnify the quality of life,” he offers. “It’s all about creating and collecting memories, fishing, playing Frisbee®, flying a kite, cooking, and exploring nature with your loved ones. I really think that’s where people truly need to be. Put the phone down. Look up at the clouds and the sun; look around at the trees. This is life the way it’s supposed to be lived.”

[IN THE SPOTLIGHT WITH RV NEWS]: "RVTECH, the RV Service Champion, restores hope + trust to disenchanted RV consumers through high quality service.

Written by: Garrison Wells, RV News

Chuck Williams is a man on a mission. The owner of Ft. Myers, FL-based RVTECH wants to overhaul the repair business in the RV industry. He has a good start-rave reviews, air-conditioned service bays for his techs, trained technicians, even a growing line of his own products, all made in the United States. It seems like the RV industry has always had a bad name for repair, and there’s no reason it needs to be that way. People expect quality”, Williams says, “and the industry is going to have to evolve into high quality workmanship. It can’t be about poor work in service departments, high turnover, that kind of thing. It can’t be like that anymore.”


“My mission is to prove there is no reason for poor service, lack of knowledge or poor manners in the RV industry. We want to make a difference in this entire RV industry. That’s what we do.” Williams got his start in the industry in New Jersey. His company, RVTECH, has been around for 25 years. It has four employees, three of whom are techs trained by Williams, who is also a tech. The fourth employee is the company’s office manager. “They’re all very good at what they do”, Williams says, “We have high standards and the techs know all the machines. We train together all the time, and we are diversified in what we can do. We work on all makes and models.”


Williams says part of what drives a successful service department is communication, a team attitude and the notion that getting good results is important. When a customer brings in an RV for work, that customer wants to see superior results, not hear excuses. “Everything works smoothly at RVTECH”, says the office manager, “because we are a close-knit group. We are a solid team. Everything is discussed among all of us and that makes for a fine-tuned instrument. RVTECH views RVs as homes.” “Whether it’s for one day or 365 days, for our customers, it’s a home. If somebody comes into your house, you wouldn’t want them to make a mistake that ends up costing you more.”


RVTECH offers about 60 different services, including routine maintenance, roof seal + UV protection application, rooftop A/C service, water leak + water damage repair, hydraulic jack service, awning-window-slideout repair, collision repair, warranty + recall work, battery + electrical work, and detailing. The company works directly with several RV makers, and Williams says the manufacturers like RVTECH “because of our prestigious level of service.” An important tenet at RVTECH is what the company calls “The Ability to Anticipate”. “We don’t react,” Williams says, “We anticipate. Others tend to react.”


Mentoring he received from business-turnaround coaches, authors and leaders, Williams says, taught him to anticipate outcomes, which allows RVTECH to respond ahead of time to RV needs and “handle them in advance”. To anticipate needs, the RVTECH team meets three to five times a day to talk about the units in for service and to ensure everyone on the team is aware of any changes and on top of the day’s work. 


“One team, one mission,” is the way Williams puts it. “Each person knows their jobs and knows what’s not their job. I don’t hire people to just do a job, I hire people to produce results. There’s a huge difference. The result is raving fans,” he says. “You just do great jobs and you fix things that are out of line. You see something that’s not right, you fix it, and you don’t even have to always charge them. Just fix it.”


On a website called RV Service Reviews (, there are more than 100 reviews that rate the company as “excellent.” “That lets me know what I am doing is correct,” Williams says, “I love it. People comes from hundreds of miles to see us here.” The company’s website offers an “Ask the Expert, Talk to Chuck” feature, where people can chat with Williams to ask questions and seek advice.


Service, repair and advice are not all that RVTECH offers. The company is also the manufacturer of its own brand of cleaning and protection products.  Williams says he began looking at creating his first product in his 20s, in part because he found that cleaning products in the industry were actually, in some cases, damaging the RVs they were supposed to help to protect. “I thought they either ripped the paint off or that they didn’t work at all, so I hired an independent laboratory, and we came up with a new product. There’s no citrus in it to eat away at the seals or coating.” 


The first product was SEAL N GLO Protectant. Soon the company will add another product to its lineup, Williams says, a vinyl awning cleaner he has branded as Awning Brite. Creating these products is difficult, Williams says. It can take a year or so to develop the product in the lab, and “then there is testing, testing, testing,” he says. The time and hard work, however, pay off. Williams says the products make up 25-31% of RVTECH’s sales. 


The bottom line for RVTECH, however, is all about the new frontier of customer service. The RV industry, Williams says does not need more managers. It needs leaders. “There is a new customer-centric frontier that demands of us to know customers and their RVs and to have the insight and skills to make their lives easier and add value, ” Williams says. “People don’t hold back from what they think, and they air their bad news for the world to see.”


“This frontier that is upon us in the RV industry is about how business is going to have to change. You are supposed to be a problem solver, not a problem creator. Dealers with poor service are making people afraid to buy from them, and you just cannot do that.” Williams reiterates that a guiding principle for the company is to anticipate problems before they happen and handle them in advance. He says following this principle has helped the company reach its status as a top service provider for the RV world. “We stay ahead of things, stay in control, instead of reacting,” he says. 


Robert Sweet, a resident of Lehigh Acres, FL, is a satisfied RVTECH customer-and is an example, Williams says, of the customer-centric frontier the industry must face. Sweet says, “We took our motorhome to other places and had horrible work done. Then we went to RVTECH, and they have been outstanding. We wouldn’t take our motorhome anywhere else.” RVTECH, he adds, has virtually rebuilt his 2005 Dolphin, a 35-foot gas-powered motorhome. Sweet lists some of the work RVTECH has done on the motorhome: resealing, roof repair, stereo and satellite TV installation and generator repair. Sweet says he is planning to have RVTECH do some slide-out work next. “It’s an older RV, so there is a lot of work needed. The RVTECH folks do great work and are very reasonably priced,” Sweet says. “They’ve done all kinds of work for us, and the service has been outstanding.”


Of the extensive, multifaceted service RVTECH has performed on Sweet’s and other customers’ RVs, Williams says, “The industry has grown, and things have changed. The days of simple service and basic skillsets are obsolete.” His take on service in the industry is on the verge of what looks to be a big payoff. Tiffin Motorhomes lists RVTECH among its service providers. Williams considers that a big endorsement that will pay dividends down the road. RVTECH has also been listed as a preferred service provider for Nappanee, Indiana-based ATC Trailers. 


“RVTECH did very well for us,” says Jason Schlabach, who works in the toy hauler division of ATC. “We had a customer who had an awning that he had to have replaced, and he also replaced the entry door,” Schlabach says, and RVTECH did the work. “We choose only excellent service providers. We just have good ones that fit our company, and we do that purposely. That’s why I chose RVTECH. We put them in our library of good service centers.” Customers are starting to get the RVTECH message that RV service can and should be great, Williams says, and the rave reviews and manufacturer endorsements are the proof. “Customers,” Williams says, “come into our business and are blown away. It gets me up early, and it keeps me up late. It’s what I do.”



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