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Windshield + Window Inspect & Reseal

Keep it watertight and avoid sneaky (and dangerous!) deterioration of the metal underneath. Damaged window and windshield seals flip the switch from being a trusted solution to becoming a dreaded problem. Instead of being a source of protection from the harsh outdoor elements, your compromised window and/or windshield seals become a silent breeding zone for mold, mildew and water leaks.  

The solution? Bring your RV to RVTECH & Marine so we can replace + reseal your weathered & brittle seals and get you back to a life of convenience and peace of mind. WANT TO TAKE IT TO THE MAX? Upgrade to a “Complete Factory Reseal” where we meticulously scrape down and thoroughly reseal your windows, compartment doors, refrigerator vents, outside shower and more to provide you with 360° protection against hazardous water leakages. We keep you safe from water damage. Get your FREE seal inspection today! 


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