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Fifth Wheel Pin Boxes

Tired of the inconvenient harsh, jerky, chucking action that comes from towing a 5th wheel?

Have you reluctantly come to accept it as a normal part of towing?

Screenshot_13Now you don’t have to! Introducing the Fifth Wheel Pin Box upgrade from RVTECH. This revolutionary new upgrade will redefine what you can expect from towing a 5th wheel. Say goodbye to the dread of jerking and chucking from traveling on certain roads, like Interstate Highways, railroad tracks, and roads with a washboard effect.


Leave the bucking to the rodeo and say hello to smooth, cushioned driving enjoyment! Customers like you have been astonished by how easy it is now to tow their 5th wheel! Sound too good to be true? Read on and be amazed at how this upgrade will feel like you’re traveling like a king!

Flex Air Pin Box

Screenshot_12The Flex Air Pin Box provides an unparalleled ride, eliminating chucking and the vertical tug-of-war between the fifth-wheel and tow vehicle. The integrated air bag acts as a buffer between the tow vehicle and coach to absorb road shock and vibrations that can damage your RV. As the air bag absorbs road shock and vibration, the oil shock absorber handles rebound action, dampening kickback and controlling chucking. The heavy-duty pivoting head in its lower jaw controls the vertical tug-of-war between the tow vehicle and RV. The durable rubberized compound provides an additional buffer to help protect the RV from jarring motion.

Air Ride Pin Box

The Air Ride Pin Box acts as a buffer between the tow vehicle and RV, arresting the impact of road shock and stabilizing towing performance. How? Simple — unique scissor action allows the air bag to absorb road shock and vibration while the gas shock handles any rebound or bounce effect, providing a better, smoother ride. Gas shock and air bag absorb road shock and control fore-to-aft-coach movement (chucking). This protects your RV from road shock and vibrations, potentially saving you from costly repairs. The Air Ride Pin Box improves ride and reduces driver fatigue. Best of all, it can be retrofitted to most pin boxes on the market

Rota-Flex Pin Box

Screenshot_11The Rota-Flex Pin Box reduces vibration more than 2X the competition! Its pivoting head significantly reduces fore-to-aft coach movement (chucking). And the rubberized torsion compound absorbs motion and vibration caused by road shock. The Rota-Flex Pin Box absorbs road shock that would otherwise be absorbed by your RV, preventing costly damage. It now comes with a powder-coated lower jaw!

RVTECH will supply, level and calibrate the 5th wheel pin box up grade. There are so many to choose from, so if you have questions we have answers!


PROS: Fifth wheel chucking is greatly reduced, cushioned sensation when towing over all road conditions, clunk free towing – no more start/stop harshness, smooth, almost shock free towing in the driver and passenger seats, improves handling, saves wear and tear on the rider and vehicle

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