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Sanicon System

Does emptying your black water holding tank just plain ol stink?

Tired of getting stuck with the crappy job?

Are you relying on gravity to do the job?

Disgusted with setting up an apparatus, that looks like a modern day stone hedge, to support the hose?


Are you feeling like a low man on a totem pole? Stop playing with the old 3 accordion-style leaky hose and get with the cleanest and most convenient way to drain your black water tank without the stank!

91+9ojamGyL__SL1500_-2You probably wondered about a much easier and cleaner way to empty your tank. And now there is. Sani-Con transforms your thoughts into a reality. If you can pump gas, you can use Sanicon! It is so quick and easy that anyone in the family can do it! Using a powerful macerating pump, Sani-con grinds up and liquefies waste (like a garbage disposal) and sends it conveniently out through a 1 hose. Theres virtually no more smells or mess. Just discrete cleanliness. Are you seeing how easy this is?

SaniCon_Holding-coilsThats right! This powerful macerating pump does NOT rely on gravity! Sanicon can pump waste UP terrain, UP into an elevated sewer dump station, and UP into a backyard sewer cleanout. This eliminates the inconvenient reliance on a constant slope or obnoxious hose supports. There is no dump the Sani-con cant trump. A specially designed threaded nozzle cap prevents drips and spills during storage, remarkably more sanitary and less odorous than the old style 3″ diameter sewer hoses. Hard-wired and securely mounted. Hurry! There is no better time than now No ifs, ands, or buts about it!

Product Features

  • Long-lasting 1 discharge hose that stretches up to 21 feet, than retracts to a convenient 7 feet to save storage space  more than 80%!!
  • This installed system, integrated in the plumbing, delivers the industrys most convenient, fastest and most-sanitary waste evacuation method available!!
  • Pump can evacuate a 40-gallon tank of water in 50 seconds!!
  • Compact 1.5 diameter retractable hose extends to 21!!


PROS: Does NOT rely on gravity, cleanest and most convenient way to drain your black water tank, virtually odorless, powerful macerating pump, user-friendly

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