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Diamond Shield Removal

Did your Diamond Shield leave your RV with a film so horrifying it looks like a backdrop for Elm Street?

image003Disgusted by the mold multiplying under the shield?

Furious with the paint that is now destroyed from trying to remove it yourself?

Remember the day you first bought your RV and it came with Diamond Shield, or maybe you had it installed at a later date. You probably were certain that it would protect you from acid rain, rocks, bugs, and road debris and felt like it was going to be a dream come true? Well it was and now it’s not!

If you’re reading this you know that dream quickly turned into a nightmare when you saw the repulsive mold that is making your RV go from glam to gloom. Even worse! It can’t be cleaned, buffed, or fixed! If you think it looks bad now, just wait till you decide to remove it!

image005Suffer no more! Introducing RVTECH’s revolutionary hassle-free Diamond Shield removal system, that safely removes this unwanted worn-out, sick of looking at it film. Want to hear more?

RVTECH can remove the diamond shield as well as all obnoxious adhesive from the original installation, compound, glaze and buff your RV to an original high luster. 

Before Diamond Shield Removal

After Diamond Shield Removal

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