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InView 360° Around Vehicle Monitoring System

How Much Safer Would You Feel if You Had All of This Viewing Power in Your RV?


The 360° InView Around Vehicle Monitoring System Makes This Possible…Here’s Why Every RVer Should Have One


1. Reduce Blind Spots

2. Prevent Vehicle Damage

3. Avoid Liability Costs

4. Improve Low Speed Maneuvering

  • Road construction
  • Narrow pathways
  • Tightly parked vehicles
  • Extended vehicle apparatus / equipment

How It Works


The inView 360° HD is an Around Vehicle Monitoring System that greatly reduces blind spots by giving drivers a real-time 360° view around the apparatus. The inView 360° HD is a revolutionary Around Vehicle Monitoring System that eliminates blind spots by giving drivers a real-time 360° view around the apparatus.

The RVS-01-360 is equipped with 4 Full HD ultra-wide fish-eye cameras, which give you four unique views that seamlessly merge together to create a complete image of your vehicle and its surroundings. While the standard system consists of 4 HD cameras, the system also includes two spare video/camera channels to monitor other areas of the vehicle such as the interior or the exterior.

The inView 360 HD system has a built-in DVR with solid-state storage encoded with H.264. The system supports a maximum of 1TB of solid-state storage space. The solid-state storage consists of up to 4 SD cards in the ECU. Use the 360° view to assist with parking, check blind spots, or navigate narrow roads. A truly HD system, the RVS-01-360 easily integrates with our 7” or 10” HD monitor.

These monitors can be configured to auto shut off based on the vehicle speed to minimize distraction. The system comes with a G-Sensor (built-in) and an external GPS receiver. The RVS-01-360 supports the use of a graphic overlay (outrigger) for large vehicles such as fire trucks and wide commercial vehicles. The extent of the outrigger is configurable. This versatile system can also be connected directly from the ECU to a Mobile DVR as a single channel.


What You Get


Enhanced Camera + Video Functionality

  • All 4 Fisheye cameras are 1080p AHD
  • Supports streaming of output video to a secondary recording system
  • Output video is streamed at CVBS or at VGA resolution on a set of configurable dual video output ports
  • Integrated HD recording into 4 solid state SD cards, for a total capacity of 1 TB (sold separately)

Operator Assist Features

  • Automatic switching between views (default, top, front, left, right, rear and raw camera views on channels 5 & 6)
  • Automatic monitor shut-off input feed based on vehicle speed to minimize distraction to operators
  • Instantaneous reverse view which automatically shows reverse view immediately after engine ignition and vehicle is shifted into reverse gear (this feature requires an AHD monitor, compliant to FMVS-111)

System Features + Functionality

  • Supports an editable vehicle library:
    • 8 vehicle types are supported including school bus, transit bus, ambulance, fire, truck, commercial and work truck vehicles
    • Removable and lockable front ECU cover for security

Graphical Overlays

  • Graphical overlays are also available for vehicles with extrusions/equipment that may interfere with low speed maneuvers to help further reduce risk of accidents



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