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Limousine, Party & Coach Bus Repairs & Upgrades

Bodywork, Wraps & Graphics

One step into our modern facility and you will instantly be greeted with friendly faces and expertly trained staff. An approved repair facility that accepts all extended service contracts and insurances, you will immediately know you’re in the right place. No job is too big or too small. From minor scratches and touch ups to complete rebuilding…we have the passion, expertise and tools to restore, repair and/or upgrade your vehicle to better than new status at an excellent price.

From decal and graphics to body work and collision, you will quickly see the endless possibilities for repairing your vehicle. With expertise in fiberglass replacement, suspension repair, metalwork, roof repair, window repair, part fabrication and body part replacement, you will receive nothing short of excellence*We charge, on average, 25% less what a dealer will charge you.


Audio Systems

Let RVTECH’s astonishing home theater systems take your breath away! Our surround processing systems from Yamaha are exactly what you have been waiting for! Enjoy movie theater technology and pure surround processing with everything you watch or play, immersing yourself fully in every experience!

RVTECH supplies and installs a full top-notch home theater package, complete with subwoofer for an incredibly moving experience!  We will turn the inside of your limo or bus into a motion picture theater experience!


Interior & Undercoach Lighting

Undercoach lights: Offering a wide variety of colors and applications, undercoach lighting is the perfect way to add a unique touch to your client’s experience. Go bold or go classic-the choice is yours! You have full control over the light and brightness. Want something bold and bright to turn up the party? You got it! Want low-level lighting to help set an ambience? You can have that too! 

Compartment lights shed light when it’s dark and hard to see such as cup holders, door handles, buttons and more. Conveniently have light where you need it, when you need it quickly and easily. We offer a variety of lighting solutions for all of your storage compartments.


Internet & WIFI Systems

Let RVTECH evolve your enjoyment and accelerate you into the future with the latest and greatest satellite offerings! Enjoy what you want, when you want while driving! Whether you’re looking for motion tracking satellite systems or standard stationary systems, RVTECH has the best set up just for you!

Flatscreens & Smart TVs

With Flat and Smart TVs with an abundance of channels and apps, the sky is the limit for what you will be able to enjoy at the touch of a button! RVTECH custom-installs flat screens into your existing area to create the exact entertainment experience you and your clients deserve. 



Backup Cameras & 360° Around Vehicle Monitoring Systems

The inView 360° HD is an Around Vehicle Monitoring System that greatly reduces blind spots by giving drivers a real-time 360° view around the apparatus. The inView 360° HD is a revolutionary Around Vehicle Monitoring System that eliminates blind spots by giving drivers a real-time 360° view around the apparatus.

  1. Reduce Blind Spots
  2. Prevent Vehicle Damage
  3. Avoid Liability Costs
  4. Improve Low Speed Maneuvering
  • Road Construction
  • Narrow Pathways
  • Tightly Parked Vehicles
  • Extended Vehicle Apparatus & Equipment


Luxury Detailing & Clear Coat Resurfacing

The impeccable and glass-like shine will make your limo or bus better than new. The polished and dressed tires will be eager for your next adventure. Whether you have Alcoa or aluminum wheels, they will be buffed and restored to perfection. Your vehicle will undergo the most elite treatment in its class. Count on turning lots of heads. Enjoy being the envy.

At RVTECH’s luxurious haven, so much more than just your vehicle will be getting pampered. Sit, back, and indulge in RVTECH’s modern facility choc’ full of incredible amenities including delicious refreshments, Wi-Fi, and more! Everyone knows a brand-new feeling vehicle is the only way to drive. Paradise awaits. Are you coming?

Clear Coat Resurfacing: Your vehicle doesn’t have to look its age…1 treatment is all it takes! Replenish the worn out, sun-bleached decals on your vehicle with our Clear Coat Resurfacing Service. Watch your bus or limo’s exterior come back to life! That’s right, in just ONE treatment, your vehicle will…Look & Feel Fresh and Young Again! Glow With a Showroom Shine! Skyrocket in Resale Value! Gain Exterior Protection for up to TEN YEARS!

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