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Tire Monitoring System

Are you willing to risk severe injury or even death over a tire blowout?

13Imagine driving with your family and all of a sudden BANG! Whoosh! Flap Flap Flap. You go from cruising to cursing.  You feel your steering wheel jerk. You hear your heart pounding.A  Seeing the fear in your family’s eyes. The only thing you can focus on is keeping your family safe. If there was a way of keeping your family safe from this, would you?

Tire malfunctions are something not thought about until there is a problem. Don’t wait until it’s too late!A  Most deadly tire blowouts are caused simply by slowly leaking air in tires, something unnoticeable to most until it’s too late!

12Tire Protection Monitoring Systems (TPMSs) can be the difference between life and death!A  With powerful sensors, TPMSs continuously transmit tire pressure (and some models also tire temperature) data from all four or six tires to the cab.A  Visual and audible TPMSs warnings keep you and your family Informed. In control. Safe.

Protect your family today. Let RVTECH take care of the technicalities so you can be the hero. Call now!


PROS: TPMSs continuously transmit tire pressure and temperature data to cab, visual and audio warnings

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