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RV Dishwasher – Single Drawer

Dish Drawers Save Water and Deliver an Excellent Wash Performance

Single-drawer dishwashers are as simple to open and close as kitchen drawers and can be conveniently installed at counter height so loading and unloading requires little to no bending.

Single-drawer dishwashers hold a true half load for small washes and quick turnaround of your dishes. BONUS! It doubly serves as safe dish storage while driving.

The combination of advanced technology and seamless mechanics means more loading capacity, greater reliability and a top-notch cleaning performance.



Stainless Steel Dish Drawers Seamlessly Add Sophistication & Elegance to Any Kitchen

Your versatile single-drawer dishwasher includes a range of flexible racking options. The cutlery basket can be customized for different utensils. Folding tines can be folded flat to comfortably fit a full load of pots. With its compact size and powerful performance, these dishwashers will deliver nothing short of quiet, effective and efficient cleaning.

Its unique wash management system ensures each item gets cleaned while reducing water consumption. The dishwasher’s special insulation offers the an ultra-quiet operation. They also feature many programs including: Rinse, Fast, Delicate, Normal Eco, Normal and Heavy. These options allow your dishwasher to wash everything from delicate glass and crystal to filthy pots and pans at the touch of a button.




The Choice is Simple. Do More of What You Love. Leave the Dishes to the Expert.

RVers are loving these single-drawer dishwashers! Here’s why:

  • Luxurious stainless steel design fits beautifully with any decor
  • Fully integrated light-touch electronic controls are located at the top of the drawer
  • Designed for efficient loading and to secure dishes while in motion
  • Ideal for onboard applications with low water usage per cycle and annealed to relieve internal stresses from water heat during washing

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