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RV Furniture


Tired of stained, worn, and just plain ol outdated furniture? You should be! Everyone knows you deserve better!

Wish you could get your hands on comfortable, luxurious furniture that’s a perfect fit for your RV and your wallet?

Great news! Your wish is now within in your reach! Introducing deluxe + practical RV furniture that offers a look that’s both versatile and completely your own. This popular furniture line blends gorgeous aesthetics and lavish comfort, intuitive functionality, and cutting-edge manufacturing to bring you the best! Amp up the possibilities with your RV with outstanding workmanship that grows with all your seating and sleeping needs.

Your brand new state-of-the-art furniture is designed for smaller spaces while providing you with an abundance of enjoyment and relaxation. Once you sink into this furniture, you’ll immediately know why it’s simply unsurpassed in this industry.

Rich, supple & cozy comfort that welcomes you home is just the beginning. Its distinct character and elegance comes in several collections that were meticulously created with the RVer in mind and designed to exceed all of your expectations guaranteed!

Have kids or pets? Rest assured that these timeless and classy pieces are low maintenance and wear beautifully like a charm. How low maintenance? Just warm soapy water will do the trick! Can you see how easy this is? Choose your new favorite pieces from the latest furniture selection below!

Ordering is Quick & Easy!

Whether you already know what you want or ready for expert recommendations, call (239) 768-2410 and the RVTECH Design Team will assist with ordering & measuring so you can create your ultimate dream space. Call now!


Here’s How it Works

Once you call, we will happily assist you in the ordering process, layout, design, fit and finish. We will provide you with tracking information so you can be present on the delivery date to receive your items + inspect colors, quality, etc. at our facility.  Please note: if you are unable to be present for your delivery at our facility, we can accept your shipment on your behalf but due to shipment carrier policies we are unable to uncrate items on your behalf to check your items. Once you have completed your delivery inspection, we will securely store it in our temperature-controlled facility for a one-time nominal fee of $125 until your installation date. Yes, it’s that easy!

RV Captain Chairs

Bradd Hall Deluxe Captain Chairs

These Captain’s Chairs are made with high density, high resiliency foams that provide even distribution of pressure so that you stay comfortable during extended periods of driving. When you’re traveling the country, you’ll be thankful for your Quality Captain’s Chair from Bradd and Hall!

Bradd Hall Seating Deluxe Captain’s Chairs – Select Benton Model Plush Pillow Top seat with Qualux® HR (high resiliency) seat pillow foam for the upmost in comfort and support. Or choose the Contoura Model; a Sports Car styled seat featuring a Firmer Contoured Fit with side and leg bolsters for additional support. These models offer upgraded foams that conform to your body and essentially “hug” you for maximum comfort.

Bradd Hall Seating Deluxe Slim Captain’s Chairs –The Class A Size Slim Captain’s Chairs offer the same great features and most options as our Full-size chairs. These seats work well in both Class A Gas models and in Super C Class Motorhomes. This model also conveniently fits selective older Class C Motorhomes.

Deluxe Villa Captain Chairs

With “impeccable style, unbeatable quality, and, perhaps most importantly, ingenious functionality,” Villa provides you with two outstanding Captain’s Chair models to choose from—the Avitar and the Integrity (sold with or without 3-point Seat Belts). Deluxe Villa Captain’s Chairs come standard with 6-way power slides and swivel pedestal. Multiple options are available, including power lumbar, power recline, power footrest, and heat. Additionally, there are hundreds of colors and textures from Ultraleather to choose from. You can’t go wrong with the Villa Deluxe Captain’s Chairs for Class A Diesel Pusher Motorhomes! 


RV Recliners

Lambright Recliners

Available Configurations include Swivel Recliners, Reclining Love Seats, Theater Seating, and Reclining Sofas. Covering options for Lambright include Genuine Ultraleather by Ultrafabrics, Premium Vinyl, Bradd and Hall Standard and Premium Fabrics and Lambright Fabrics.  Our Lambright Reclining Chairs come standard as Swivel Wall Huggers (can sit 3” from wall). Options for Lambright Comfort Chairs include Power Recline, Power Headrest (Select Models), Inside Recline Levers, as well as Inside or Outside Switches. Complete with 2.4 Pound High Resiliency Q Foam + timeless Amish Quality that offers you years of comfort.

Fjords Euro Recliners

Fjords of Norway Euro Recliners provide a unique approach to recliner chairs. Manufactured from the finest materials, the Fjord Euro Recliners are perfect for RVs, where space is a premium. The Classic Comfort Models come standard with an ottoman and can come in a small size (29”) or large size (31”). Our Relaxer Series Recliners (Milan and Stockholm Models Shown; other Models are also available) come as Swivel gliders (which allows for a gentle motion forwards and backwards) and include Power Recline at no extra cost. You get the best of both worlds with Deluxe Old world craftsmanship + Scandanavian design for those with discerning taste.

Lafer Euro Recliners

Lafer Euro Recliners combine high quality Brazilian leathers with their patented retractable footrests + independent backrest + headrest adjustments that will provide many years of comfort and style in your RV. Lafer Recliners provide the perfect posture for reading, watching your favorite shows, browsing online, and even sleeping! In addition, you’ll be able to choose from several accessories including a laptop table, reading lamp and a footrest extension. Finally, these chairs have a large variety of leather colors to match your style and personality!

RV Sofas + Theater Seating

Lambright Jacknifes

When you see the name Lambright, think Luxury. Plush, high-quality comfort that is stylish is what you gain with Lambright Jacknifes. Conveniently available in two models: Lambright EZ Sleeper Jacknife and Lambright RV Harrison Jacknife. The fold down bed in both options is generously designed at 49″ deep and includes a convenient + spacious pull-out drawer for all your storage needs.  

Lambright Sleepers

Lambright Sleepers offers you two distinct + luxurious lines: The Luxe (4 models) and the Harrison (4 models). Both lines, generous with size options, offer you a premium innerspring mattress for the best sleep of your life + stylish fold down center console with cupholders & tray to keep all your movie essentials conveniently within reach. 

Lambright Trifold Sleepers

Luxury meets functionality. You will instantly love the signature Lambright RV Harrison Trifold Easy Bed. The fold down platform bed is generously 60″ x 72 deep” offering you a short queen bed and offers 68″ and 72″ arm size options for your convenience. 

Villa RV Sofas

Upgrade your living space with the gorgeous Villa RV Sofas.  Villa RV Sofas are custom built to allow for custom lengths and notches so you can enjoy a perfect fit! Enjoy browsing the Integrity, Navigator, Hamilton and Flagship Villa RV Sofa Collections! Each has a special touch that will fit any unique design preferences. 

Reclining Love Seats

Adding a double recliner to your RV or motorhome can elevate it from ordinary to extraordinary with just the smallest of additions. The addition of extra sitting capacity means you can enjoy your relaxing time in comfort either with a friend, or not. With numerous styles, fabrics, and sizes to choose from, you can find the perfect double recliner for your home away from home right here. With top quality brands, such as Lambright, we believe there is the perfect seating option for everyone.

Reclining Sofas

No one says camping has to mean roughing it anymore. You can sit back and relax in comfort with high quality Lambright RV Reclining Sofas. Reclining RV Sofas are the perfect addition to your RV to add style, comfort, and the perfect area for guests to congregate and relax.

You can choose from a variety of different color options, all crafted with the highest quality fabrics.  Choose from ultraleather,Uf2 or fabric options to suit your style and browse our variety of options aimed at making your RV experience feel like you are enjoying your Livingroom at home.

Nothing brings out a sitting space more than a comfortable reclining sofa. So, put your feet up, browse our selection of Lambright RV Sofas, and choose the one that is right for you! You will be riding down the road in style and comfort in no time. You’ll love all 7 incredible designs to choose from!

Theater Seating

Experience RV camping in the lap of luxury with premium RV Theater seating. Kick back and relax in one of the luxurious Lambright, Ulstein, or Flexsteel Theater seating designs, specifically with your RV and maximum comfort in mind.  Let attractive and comfortable seating bring people together in your RV and bring life into the room.

Choose from a variety of different colors, fabrics, and options for a truly custom experience. The wide range of options means there is something for everyone. Experience high-quality reclining theater seats, with available options such as power headrests, USB ports, Power Recline, and more! 

RV Dinettes

Tables & Chairs

You can truly change the feel of an RV or Motorhome simply by changing out the tables and chairs. If you are wanting to do some updates in your home away from home, then this is the perfect place to start. Adding in a new dinette with some beautiful dinette chairs can elevate the feel of your camper and make you and your guests feel more comfortable.

Booth Dinettes

There’s nothing more enjoyable than savoring a nice meal with loved ones. Now you can have a five-star cuisine at a dinette that is just as incredible. Combining comfort and sleek design, it adds the aesthetics you crave with the functionality you need. You have 4 amazing booth options to select from, each offering a distinct design to match any decor: Lambright Dutch Dinette Booth, Bradd & Hall Wood Dinette Booth, Villa LD/RD Dinette Booth with Bed and the Villa LD/RD Dinette Booth Non-Bed.

Custom Built RV Dinette Table

Craving it custom? We are happy to help! Browse through the array of fabrics, colors and sizes that are sure to make your dining experience a remarkable one!

RV Tables

Cubby Console-RV Table

Cubby Console 2 in 1 consoles make a great addition to any RV or Boat. Legs easily remove for convenient storage inside console. Super Durable Infinity Woven Products tray liner and Quality Italian Oversized Cupholders. Use Freestanding on floor or remove legs to use on sofa cushion.

Cubby Cabinet Slim-RV End Table

Cubby Cabinet RV Tables make a great addition to any RV. Available in Solid Spiced Maple, Solid Natural Cherry, Solid Dark Cherry, Espresso Cherry. Stainless Hardware, ball bearing slides. Full Extension Drawers.

Cubby Cabinet -RV End Table

Cubby Cabinet RV Tables make a great addition to any RV. Available in Solid Spiced Maple, Solid Natural Cherry, Solid Dark Cherry, Espresso Cherry. Stainless Hardware, ball bearing slides. Full Extension Drawers.

Easy Coffee Table-Folding RV Table

This Easy Coffee Table makes a great addition to any RV. It’s high quality, beautiful and comes in an array of colors. Even more, it folds down for convenient storage and includes a Deluxe Storage Bag.

RV Dinette Credenza Computer Center

Craftsmanship and beauty has elevated to a whole new level. This Computer Dinette makes a great addition to any RV. Specify file cabinet and trays for printer/cpu and keyboard or laptop. Or drawer and shelves. Drawer Unit always comes with 3 drawers.

T500 RV Dinette Expanding Table

This RV Dinette Expanding Table includes 12″ leaf that increases table length to 48″ and stores in center of table. When you open the table only one side moves so you can mount it right against the wall if desired. Table can be free standing or screwed down to the floor.

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