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Stuck slide room got you feeling like Tom Hanks stranded on Cast Away?

image003The beauty, added space, and luxury of slide rooms certainly come with their costs. If you’ve been inconvenienced by your slide room being stuck on the in position, you’ve been consumed by the fury when something seemingly simple turns into a time and energy devouring frenzy! Or, if you’ve found yourself stranded in the out position, you’ve been stifled by the frustration associated with wanting to move, but CAN’T!

Even worse! Sometimes there’s not even a noise that’s out of the ordinary to give you the slightest inkling of what’s wrong just the regular ol’ clicking. This is why DIY can turn into OMG very quickly unless you call a professional. Why expend more time and energy into what’s not working when RVTECH Slide Room Specialists can find the culprit and fix it in a flash! Even better, RVTECH will show you exactly how to prevent this from happening again. Did someone just press the easy button?

image004So stop throwing your hands up in overwhelm and pick up the phone instead. RVTECH Slide Room Specialists service all Electric and Hydraulic, systems including Lipport components, the new in-wall slide Schwintek systems and HWH systems and solves any slide room issue from rooms coming in or out crooked, stripped gears, worn gear packs, malfunctioning solenoids, master relays, popping, screeching, crunching noises, to broken drive pins, and more! You just can’t get any more convenient than this! Call now!

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