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Turn Signal and Back up Cameras

Dread making tight turns in fear of hitting an object, or worse, another vehicle?

Poor vision at night?

Wish you could park, navigate traffic, and change lanes with precision?

RV back up camera 3

Feel safe and be easily seen by others with high-definition turn signal and back up cameras! These revolutionary cameras allow you to drive, park, and tow with confidence! Blind Spots? Gone. Visibility? Crystal Clear. Safety upgrades available with certain models, including bright LED indicators to keep you and fellow drivers always in the safe zone.

The side-view cameras are automatically activated with the turn signal, displaying the image on the monitor thats shared with the rear-view camera. When the turn signal goes off the monitor automatically returns to the image from the rear-view camera. Enjoy wide-viewing angles, crisp color images, night vision, and elegant design!A Wired plug and play and wireless options available.

RV back up camera 2

According to numerous vehicle accident reports, the top causes of serious and life-threatening crashes are night driving, unsafe lane changes, and improper turns. Want a fail-safe RV? Stop in now for a FREE RVTECH safety checkpoint to keep your family safe with a wide array of camera and other safety options today!


PROS: High definition resolution, some models offer LED indicator upgrades, auto-activation of side view cameras, wide-viewing angles, night vision, elegant design, wired and wireless options available, FREE RVTECH safety checkpoint

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