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Suspension Upgrade

Wish your RV was as liberating to drive as your car?

Fear of a front tire blowout stealing your fun?

Sway Bar

Everyone knows you cant control the monstrosity of traffic-related incidents that can happen at any moment. Imagine youre driving along and notice the vehicle ahead of you swaying profusely from crosswinds. You panic, Oh NO its a blowout! You feel the pit in your stomach bubbling with fear. You sense theyre fighting the wheel. Have you ever had this feeling of pins and needles knowing the battle theyre about to go through, and hoping they will be ok?

Wouldnt it be amazing if you had the confidence in knowing youre going to drive right past it but you have no worries because you have TruCenter installed? Set your worries free with the Blue Ox Suspension Upgrade, featuring TruCenter steering, TigerTrak trac bars, and Sway Bars. Introducing safety and performance at the touch of a button.

TruCenter steering

TruCenter steering empowers you to remain in control at all times, regardless of what the road brings you. Stay in control in the event of a blowout. A front-tire blowout can cause your rig to veer uncontrollably into harms way. TruCenter exerts up to 270 pounds of pressure on your steering, keeping the coach on course so you can stop safely.

TigerTrak Trac Bar

  • Convenient push-button activation. Few driving experiences are as unnerving as trying to stay in your lane when theres a buffeting crosswind or uneven pavement. TruCenter works like a horizontally-mounted shock absorber. Just push and hold the button, adjust the wheel and let go of the button. The system applies the force needed to keep your motorhome on course. Driving becomes fun once again.
  • Easy to adjust. When you need to create a new center position, such as if the winds change, simply push and hold the button, get situated in the lane, and let go of the button. The system works with your steering to get you back on track!

TigerTrak trac bars

Imagine the shear anticipation of traveling through Crosswinds in open country is like a bed of nails, wondering, how your rig will respond, no turning back now!! How would you like to have no worries because maybe you made the right decision to remediate the problem in advance? With TigerTrak trac bars, you can leave the tail-wagging behind. State-of-the-art spring technology takes away the side to side loose feeling and leaves you with an incredible driving experience. Sway Bars give you back comfort and superior performance that you expect.

The springs of gas motorhomes tend to sway from side to side, such as when passing a large vehicle. This is especially true of late-model coaches with long parabolic springs and an extended rear overhang. Situated between the rear axle and the frame, TigerTrak allows unhindered up-and-down movement of the springs while virtually eliminating tail wag, providing superior stabilization. So youll find your coach easier to drive and the ride more enjoyable.

Sway Bars

Our sway bar kits provide the ultimate in road handling and performance. Many factory suspensions comprise handling performance for soft ride characteristics, Blue Ox sway bars will help stabilize the ride without sacrificing your comfort. Not only is handling improved but tire life is extended by maintaining even pressure on all four corners of the vehicle in cornering situations.

TruCenter Steering

Product Features

  • Reduces sway caused by wind, curves in the road, and passing trucks
  • Improves cornering traction and stability
  • Specifically designed to fit your RV
  • 4140 chromium steel
  • Make your aftermarket investment dollars count with an immediate improvement in handling

Why settle for a mediocre driving experience when you can have the best. Select, dont settle! Blue Ox Suspension Upgrade is the smartest buy you ll make this year! With this too-hot-to-handle deal, its a surprise we can even keep it in stock! Dont let this deal fly away. Come see what you have been missing. Call now!


PROS: Extends tire life, boosts comfort, stabilizes ride, improves cornering traction and stability, specifically designed to fit your RV, superior construction, easy installation, convenient push-button activation, easy to adjust, stay in control in the event of a blowout

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