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Floor Replacement


Tired of worn out, outdated flooring that’s robbing your RV of value?

Think just anyone is qualified to replace RV flooring? Think again.

Is the smell of mildew singeing your nostrils like a campfire? That soft spot on the floor feel like quicksand? Or how about the sound of cracking…has that left you playing hopscotch just trying to avoid the nuisance? Or perhaps you are just ready for an uplifting change! Clearly, you need RVTECH!

Did you know that floor replacement in an RV is 10x more complicated than a house? Why? Because there are so many things to consider in an RV.  Incorrect materials in the wrong locations can end up costing you a load of unplanned dollars. Wouldn’t you rather drop off your RV and know it’s going to be done right, the first time without any hassle? Of course you would! That’s why RVTECH is the #1 choice for floor replacement.

You’ll receive the best materials and timely service whether you choose gorgeous tile, timeless hardwood, easy-to-clean linoleum or vinyl, or plush carpeting. RVTECH’s Floor Replacement Professionals will personally help you choose from a variety of styles, colors and textures to add the exact look and feel you are craving in your motorhome. Call now!



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