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3M Crystalline Film

Afraid of getting or contributing to your skin cancer, glaucoma, or other sun-related diseases? Have you been diagnosed but still want the adventurous RV travel lifestyle?

Fed up with your smoldering RV? Wish that a/c could keep the place cooler?

Want more privacy?

Everyone knows about Squamous Cell Carcinoma…Do you??  

The worst part? You don’t even need to have a sunburn to get burned by deadly skin cancers! Unlike UVB rays which create sunburn and blisters, UVA rays damage and breed cancerous cells beneath the visible surface, creating long-term damage. If you drive a vehicle, this life-saving product is just for you. Can you see the possibilities? What used to be impossible magically appears with in you reach…why not do it right now?

Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation

Introducing the revolutionary 3M Crystalline window film that is so effective in preventing skin-cancer, the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends it as part of your sun protection program. Did you know that detrimental UV rays beam right through your shades and curtains?? That’s right! Even thick cardboard doesn’t stand a chance against UV-B radiation!

Skin cancer is a silent killer, constantly stalking its victim and is a growing epidemic. In fact, the Skin Cancer Foundation warns that skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the U.S. Even worse, one case of skin cancer begets more. Think it won’t happen to you?

Think again. If you have had 5 or more sun burns in your life, you’ve already DOUBLED your chances of getting melanoma. Melanoma can be deadly and experts agree that nearly all cases of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers are caused by UV radiation from the sun.

Clear & Tinted Options Are Available 

You’re probably wondering how a clear film can provide the same amazing benefit as a darker film. This ground-breaking product features a multilayer optical film technology that combines over 200 layers in a film that is thinner than a Post-it®. Crystalline window films block up to 60% of the heat coming through your windows and reject up to 97% of the sun’s heat producing infrared light. Ask anyone who has skin cancer and they’ll tell you it’s the B (BAD) that’s destructive. Virtually anything can filter out UV-A. Don’t be fooled by products that claim to protect you against UV. Be an educated consumer and make the right choice-you now know there is only one right choice! These industry-leading, spectrally-selective films are designed to keep you comfortable, cool, and protected. Can you see all of the possibilities? There’s still more!!

Designed to maintain the appearance of your vehicle, Crystalline films allow up to 90% of the light into your vehicle. Because these films are non-metallized, you can be assured of zero interference with GPS or cell phone signals. Crystalline Films can be applied to any window, to block that exposure from the sun! What this means for you is that you can help prevent dangerous skin cancer all while enjoying your travels!

Who Else Wants to Contribute to a Skin Cancer-Free RV Lifestyle?

RVTECH is the clear choice for contributing to it by getting you the best RV window protection for your skin health that is quick, easy, and effective. Can one visit change your life? Come on by today and see for yourself!

Energy Savings, Protection & Privacy All in One Amazing Product

3M window film not only saves your skin from the harmful sun’s rays, but it has the added benefits of keeping your RV cooler through stopping the transfer of heat (saving you $) and adding privacy! No longer do you have to sacrifice a beautiful day for a hot seat that burns the back of your legs! Even more, it adds resale value to your RV, can deter “smash and grab” thieves, and provides incredible glare reduction for driving and TV enjoyment purposes! 

PROS: Blocks 60% heat, 97% sun’s heat-producing infrared light (blocking cancer-causing UV-B rays), RVTECH does all the work for you, tint and clear options available, still allows up to 90% light in your vehicle, saves you money, adds privacy, tint options deter “smash and grab” thieves

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