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Golf Cart Service, Upgrades & Customization

Golf Cart Service

A well-maintained golf-cart = peace of mind. Electric and gas golf carts require regular check-ups and service so you can reliably get to where you want on time, safely and without worry. A good life is where you have professionals in your corner to give you the certainty & safety you require in order to have the freedom and fun you desire. At RVTECH & Marine, we want you to have the good life. That’s why we take care of the diagnostics, maintenance & repair for you. From routine check-ups to replacement and everything in-between, you’ve come to the right place!


  • Oil changes
  • Lubrication and fluids
  • Electric golf cart diagnosis and repair
  • Golf cart engine replacement
  • Brake maintenance and repair
  • Controller accelerator replacement
  • Tires
  • Charger diagnostics
  • Battery low test & replacement
  • Fleet maintenance



Golf Cart Upgrades

Why settle for boring factory-grade accessories when you can upgrade to the best on the market? Imagine your next drive with the enjoyment of your favorite song on your new audio system & Bluetooth speakers, the freedom to travel off the road with all-terrain tires, the convenience of your cold-beverage cooler keeping delicious drinks cold for you, and the laughter and smiles that accompany your added guests with flip seats! Life is too short to settle. Upgrade today!


  • Roof solar panels
  • Audio systems
  • All terrain “meaty” tires
  • Fender flares
  • Battery boost
  • Brush guards
  • LED light kits (light bars, spotlights, headlights, taillights)
  • Cold beverage keeper
  • Flip seats (extra seating in the back + flat seating for carrying items)
  • Bluetooth speakers



Golf Cart Customization

Your golf cart is so much more than just a means of getting around. It’s a reflection of you. Nothing is more pleasing than when a vehicle fits your personality and desires like a glove.

Want the reliability of keeping your items and yourself secure in any weather? We will install a beautiful enclosure for you! Or how about the safety of a windshield? Yes, we’ve got you covered!  At RVTECH & Marine, your golf cart can be customized for ultimate comfort, ease and luxury. Life’s too short to not have everything you want. Customize your golf cart to the ultimate experience today!


  • Slide over the top enclosure
  • Windshields

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